Web Design Team

Pictured (left to right, front to back): Jacqueline Hettel, Michael Simeone, Bruce Matsunaga, Sydney Lines, Kristine Navarro-McElhaney, Thomas Black, Shannon Lujan, Laura Keller--Not Pictured: Dawn Opel, Joe Buenker, Lyndsey Buchanan, Nagarjuna Myla, Pravin Prakash Kumar

About Us

We are a group of ASU volunteer faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds, working together to develop the Wassaja web project. Under a seed grant from the IHR, and in a joint effort with ASU scholars and library staff, we worked together to design and showcase the newsletters and other correspondence written by Carlos Montezuma. Our project team is comprised of a range of novice to expert web designers that met weekly for a series of workshops and professional collaboration. We are all extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with this project.