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Letter to Montezuma from the Reverend Red Fox Shiuhushu

26 March 1920

Letter to Montezuma from the Reverend Red Fox Skiuhushu, on letterhead of his association, the American Indian Tepee Christian Mission, an "interdenominational home for Indian children while they attend public school", in White Swan, Washington. He describes his health, his subscription to Wassaja, and his opposition to the Indian Bureau.

Letter to Thomas L. Sloan from Montezuma

25 June 1920

Montezuma writes to Sloan about the impact of American politics on Indians and his firm belief that Indians are increasing as a people and will someday have their own Presidential candidate: also mentions printing problems in the latest Wassaja issue.

Masons Membership 1918

6 September 1918

Certificate of Montezuma's membership in the Masons. "This is to certify that Brother Carlos Montezuma of Longbow Lodge #310 has this day 9/6/18 contributed 2 dollars to the National Defense Fund and is an annual member thereof."

Medical Lecture Given by Montezuma on the Virtues of His Menthol Salve, Precursor to Vapo-Rub

10 October 1893

A lecture given by Montezuma on the virtues of menthol, namely on the salve of menthol and Vaseline he invented to relieve lung problems, colds, etc. He notes the higher prevalence of lung complaints among Indians but says it is due to the rigors of reservation life. He is clearly addressing an audience of fellow physicians. He explains that he invented the menthol salve as a replacement for the "hot poultices" of the period: on the reservation where his patients lived an average of forty miles apart from each other, the conventional hot poultices made of mustard, linseed oil or even raw meat would be rendered cold and ineffective and would lack the healthful effect of the menthol vapor. The lecture is undated: It is signed "Carlos Montezuma, Carlisle PA" so I assume this lecture originates from his tenure as the staff physician at Carlisle, sometime from 1893-1896. Date on record is approximate.

Montezuma's Notes of an Autobiographical Speech

7 September 1887

Autobiographical speech of Montezuma given in a Chicago suburb- Elmwood Park, Illinois? Recounts his life up to that point: at the time of the speech, he was still in medical school.

Montezuma's Undated Notes

1 January 1894

Montezuma describes the condition of Native Americans, who have lost their old way of life completely but are not yet acclimated to the modern society. He decries the Indian Bureau and the reservation system, and says that the "blood of Jesus Christ", combined with off-reservation work and education, will save the Indians. They are hand-written notes in pencil, with much crossed out- perhaps for a lecture or pamphlet "rough draft"? Montezuma mentions the year 1894: month and day are approximate.

Pratt's Reply Letter to Montezuma

8 November 1901

Pratt replies to Montezuma, discussing Montezuma's expenses- Pratt's payment of Montezuma for work at the San Carlos and Pima agencies and the payment of Montezuma's transport expenses from San Carlos to Bowie: also mentions the arrival of 14 Pima students at Carlisle.

Receipt for 3000 manila envelopes

18 August 1916

Receipt for 3000 no. 10 manila envelopes sold to Dr. Carlos Montezuma by the Hawthorne Press, 115-117 E. South Water St., Chicago.