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Letter to Montezuma from Commissioner of Indian Affairs

11 March 1911

Replying to Montezuma's earlier January letter of the same year, Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs C.F. Hauke tells Montezuma that it is in the best interests of the Fort McDowell Indians to move to the Salt River Reservation.

Letter to Montezuma from cousin Charles Dickens

9 February 1911

Letter to Montezuma from his cousin Charles Dickens: Dickens complains of the nosiness of a Mr. Coe (presumably the Indian agent?) and the misplacement of an earlier letter.

Letter to Montezuma from cousin Mike Burns

6 August 1903

Burns explains that he has misplaced a prior letter from Montezuma asking if the two of them could go on a trip through Arizona again. Burns says yes but is doubtful if the letter will reach Montezuma, and informs Montezuma he has left Camp Verde to live in Mayer, Yavapai County, Arizona.

Letter to Montezuma from his wife Marie

1 August 1921

Addressing him as "Dear Wassaja", Marie Keller Montezuma writes her husband asking for money, for news of her mother, and copies of the magazine, detailing travel expenses, car trouble, and the misadventures of a trip across the Southwest.

Letter to Montezuma from Joshua Russell

3 June 1919

Letter to Montezuma from his friend Joshua Russell describing the farming conditions at Santan, Arizona, including irrigation water, crops of wheat, hay, corn and watermelon, and lack of fencing wire for allotted land.

Letter to Montezuma from Mike Burns and McDowell Leaders

22 January 1915

Mike Burns and the leaders of the McDowell community entreat Montezuma to help them stay on their land and help them go to Washington D.C. to request a dam for the irrigation of their land. They also ask him for advice about allotment.